Participate in our bi-monthly millennial monitor

Kult&Ace partnered with international research agency Motivaction to present the Millennial Monitor. An important new tool for all companies targeting Millennials. The young consumer is changing rapidly and insights are key.

We give brands the opportunity to participate in this bi-monthly monitor. You can ask anything: what Millennials think about your brand, your products or what their attitude and motivations are.

Participating is easy: you can send in five questions per edition (we will edit if necessary) and you will receive a data report two weeks after the fieldwork. The data report provides an indispensable reference point to base your strategies on.

Really want to go Millennial-proof? Then combine the Millennial Monitor with trend research and let us create your Millennial strategy. This way you get a synergetic combination of all available insights. You will receive valuable master documents where you can base all future communication on.

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