Research for ABN AMRO start-up Tikkie

Tikkie is the first payment app allowing consumers to send payment requests via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or text message. An initiative from ABN AMRO, but this app allows all people to use with accounts at a different bank. No annoying IBAN codes needed! For Tikkie we did research about the behaviour of Dutch people concerning money advances. This has yielded interesting results, which were also quite funny!

The survey was selected on the differences between male and female/old versus young when it comes to money advances, spending and refund money after a taking a loan from friends/family/colleagues or a partner. For example: lunches with friends, collective (birthday) gifts, nights out, groceries or helping somebody in need. The results showed that 83% of the Dutch have yet another loan amount of up to 20 euros and it also showed that young people are more likely to advance than older people, but older people pay back money less quickly than young people.

With this results we wrote a press release for news media as well as for lifestyle media with different angles. For free publicity we approached different types of media (print, online, tv, radio), supplemented with media buying. Coverage on a.o.: Lindanieuws, Upcoming, Esquire, Amayzine, Dutchcowboys, Viva, Vriendin, Girlscene, and interviews on Radio Decibel, FunX, ELLE (magazine).