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Stay relevant

Keep up with the everchanging communication landscapes

Kult&Ace is there for all kinds of companies – big or small, old or new – that want to (re)connect with the world of young consumers (Gen Z and Millennials).

In this day and age, many brands become obsolete quickly. As we shift to a whole new economy, agile young entrepreneurs are able to outgun big companies more and more. But all companies have to compete with an overload of communication signals. So, what do we offer to put – and keep – you in the running?

  1. We help big companies to rejuvenate and stay relevant.
  2. We help young companies and start-ups get their brand into the hearts and minds of the Millennial target group.

We aim to let our brands add value to the life of the customers. Everything we offer is backed by a breadth of knowledge, research and experience that you won’t find in an ‘ordinary’ communications or PR agency.


Stay relevant


Big news! Kult&Ace partnered up with renowned research agency Motivaction. Together we gather valuable information for you – fully customized to your needs – via our bi-monthly Millennial Monitor. This monitor provides a representative sample of the Millennial generation. It will give you essential insights about your most important target group: the ever-changing young consumer.

We offer you the Millennial Connection through:

Research, collaboration and co-creation

  1. Trend forecasting & insights
  2. Qualitative & quantitative research
  3. Workshops & Millennial experiences
  4. Millennial talent pool

We have a network of carefully curated group of young creative frontrunners and cultural leaders – our Ace Collective – at our disposal ready to reinvigorate your company and to fall in love with your brand. These aces are available for all research, co-creation, seeding and more. For mainstream reach, we have a  large network of Gen Y and Z respondents from different subcultures and demographics to generate the (personal) feedback you need from this target group.

Our unique network will:

  • Provide you with trend-forward and visionary insights
  • Team up with you to create successful creative projects or in-house inspiration
  • Are the dynamic connection between your brand and your target group, and are the ones who will make your brand go viral

Brand strategy and consultancy:

Research is a great starting point to roll out a strategy to reach a young, fickle target group. But we also set up strategies from square one. We help you create and consolidate your brand by:

  1. Branding & positioning
  2. PR & marketing strategy
  3. Millennial consultancy

Campaigns and projects:

We offer a broad spectrum of communication services. You can call us if you need help with:

  1. Influencer marketing
  2. PR/free publicity
  3. Social media/content
  4. Media buying
  5. Events
For our clients we are the eyes and ears in the Millennial and Gen Z target groups Melanie Bosveld